Curriculum changes


Patrick O'Connell, Editor-in-Chief

As the school year started up again, a lot of changes came about. These changes were especially prevalent in the classroom and learning environment.

One of the most noticeable changes in the classroom was the greater use of technology. Technology has become more infused into the classroom. The greater use of technology is part of the district’s one-to-one computing initiative, which is designed to allow students more access to their education.

This year, freshmen and sophomores have their own laptops compared to just freshmen last year. Next year, it is expected that every student will have his or her own laptop. Because of this, paper and textbooks are being used less.

JT Learn has become especially popular with teachers and staff. On JT Learn, teachers can post schedules, assignments, and notes for students to use. Students can also use it to submit assignments. JT Learn also includes discussion boards, which allows students and teachers to converse outside of the classroom.

Many teachers are also beginning to use social media as a way to keep students in touch with teachers. Twitter is one of the more common sites used where teachers can tweet reminders and links to assist with their students’ education.

Technology is not the only change in the classroom this year. A lot of the curriculum underwent some changes. Now, English classes are focusing more on non-fiction works and math and science classes are now more problem and application based. Also, many courses are covering fewer topics than previously, but having fewer topics means that students will go deeper into them.

There are several other changes that came about this year including more access to Advanced Placement classes and the integration of the Common Core State Standard into the classroom. All of these changes are designed to help students succeed in high school and to prepare students for the post-high school experience.