Locker low down

Courtney Rubino, staff writer

Joliet West students, like all students, want the chance to speak our minds. Some Joliet West students rely on the storage space given by their lockers, while others however leave their locker unattended due to the inconvenience of the location.

When interviewed, only 7% of students claimed to stop by their locker four or more times during the school day. 37% of those interviewed stop 1 to 3 times during school hours. This in turn leaves a whopping 56% of students that don’t use their locker at all. Some even declare they don’t know where their locker is.

The school policy states that freshman have their lockers in the freshman academy. Once you become a sophomore, you go into your career academy, and your locker should correspond around that specific area. The locker you get your sophomore year is your locker for the rest of your high school life.

In order to reveal the opinion on this aspect of the topic, students were asked if they thought their lockers should remain the same each year or change every year. In response, 53% offered that the school should change the location of your locker every year to try to make it more convenient for students.  While the votes were close, only 47% of students argue to keep the locker locations the same.

While nothing is currently going to change about lockers, the results present something for the staff to consider. The results may play into future consideration of how lockers are distributed with so many incoming freshman each year.