Failing students depend on teachers to pass semester

Lilia Chavero, Views Editor

As the semester comes to a close, finals are just around the corner. Students who have done well ever since the beginning of the school year, will most likely worry much less than others the day of finals. Though, I’m dumbfounded that students, whose grades are border lined from failing, expect their teacher to help them out.

I’ve spoken to a few teachers, and they are shocked how some students even ask them if they can come in during their lunch hour or come in every morning for help. If I were a teacher I would help those who have been trying to get help ever since the beginning of the year the students didn’t feel comfortable with the material. First thing you should do is not give up and try to get help right away. Don’t depend on your teachers because college professors are not going to deal with that.

It is very rude how students can insult their teachers because supposedly THAT teacher failed them and they hear summer school is on their summer break list. Students do get a little sick of so much work by the end of the semester and that is why they give up and lack on doing homework, don’t finish big projects, or they don’t study for a test. We have to be realistic here; teachers are not going to baby you, especially not in high school.

Students get your act together. If a teacher gives you an opportunity to make work up or redo a test, take advantage of it! It is better to bring your grade up from a C to a B. Study your brain off so in the long run you won’t have to be freaking out at the end of the semester because you’re near from failing one of your classes.