Joliet West presents: Variety Show 2012

Alex Seidler, News Editor

The Joliet West annual Variety Show sponsored by the Arts and Communication academy turned out to be an eventful night for everyone who attended. The night was filled with nonstop entertainment from the talented performers of Joliet West.

The show started it off with the charismatic host, senior Jordan Robinson. This may be his first year as host but he put on a show that kept audience laughing and cheering all throughout the night.

“I was very nervous at first,” Robinson says. “But then I just came out and did my thing. It really felt amazing to me.”

The show continued with a performance of Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” performed by Jenni Escalante. Next was a drum solo performed by Michael Kovach which fired up the. Other acts that followed were performed by students such as Anthony Banks, KeAnte Stevens, Kevin Anderson, Veronica Ornelas, and many more.

All the students and teachers who performed were very talented. The teachers who performed were Miss. Dickinson, Mr. Conard, and Mrs. Bradley.

The sponsors Mrs. Barker and Ms. Hipp were very pleased with how the show turned out and all who participated in it.

“I thought they were just fabulous,” says Ms. Hipp. “Everyone was not too nervous and did a great job.”

All the performers put on a good show that left people amazed. The final act was done by none other than Ashanti Holmes with “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston. She, along with so much encouragement from the crowd, sang her heart out to end the show.

After the show all of the students were congratulated by both family and friends. “I felt good and like the audience was clapping to the beat as I was singing,”says Patricia Lehmann after the show. “It was just awesome.”

All who contributed to the show have a lot to be proud of. “I think overall everyone did an extremely good job,” says Luna. “I’m so proud of all the performers and crew for making this work.”