Does the walking taco send people running?

Brie Gonda, Photo Editor

Recently at Joliet West, an addition to the menu has been made. The walking taco, or taco in a bag, was an unexpected surprise to all the students. Some students argue that the walking taco is delicious, while others say that it may not have been bad, but it left them feeling queasy.

“I only had one bite and I felt disgusting,” says Becky Soto, junior.

The walking taco is just another unhealthy food that’s been added to our school menu. In the past, students have complained about the cafeteria food being greasy and very unhealthy. This school year, the students are complaining even more because the lunch options were supposed to be improved. The only improvement noticed was a white bread with wheat flakes sprinkled on top and canned fruits and vegetables.

“I haven’t had a walking taco yet and it looks like dog food…worse than Taco Bell,” says Kailee Anderson, junior.

Although many people agree that the walking taco was not a good addition to the school menu, some feel otherwise. Some believe that the walking taco was delicious regardless if it’s healthy or not.

“They were really good and it filled me up a lot,” says Randy Salgado, senior.

The school should change its school menu so that students have a more healthy selection especially for athletes. If the menu isn’t changed all together, healthy alternatives should at least be available. Even the school lunch prices have gone up this school year.

“What I don’t understand is why the food choices aren’t changing,” says Anderson.

Many people have complained and confronted the school board about the food sold, but no changes for the better have been made. Though a “wheat” bun added as well as the walking tacos, these are the only changes being made.