Are you addicted?

Mike Maticka, Entertainment Editor

Many English two students are currently in a revealing technology unit that begs the important question, “Am I addicted to the internet?”

                In the beginning of this enlightening unit, students are required to take an addiction test. The test is performed on The website is a useful tool to decide whether a person needs psychological help due to an internet addiction. The questionnaire students are obligated to participate in asks only 20 questions. Questions run from, “How often do you neglect household chores to spend more time online?” all the way to, “How often do you form new relationships with fellow online users?” There are six different options for a student to choose from in order to answer each problem. Every answer has to do with how frequently a student sees themselves doing the said problem.

After every question is answered, the test is then submitted. A number tells students their various internet addiction rates. A reasonable 20 to a 49 represents very little addiction, telling students that they may use the internet more than necessary but know how to control themselves. When a student receives a 50 to a higher 89, these greater numbers signify a moderate internet addiction, students experience occasional problems in their lives due to the internet. Finally, a tremendous 80 and up expresses a highly exaggerated rate of addiction to the internet, at this point a person should seek help for their problem.

After the survey, students should look back at the question that they received a higher number on and reflect whether or not they realized the issue was a significant issue for their lives.

The addiction-cautious website is available to the general public, and also has many other features.  A few of the various other features include self-tests, parent to child tests, and a bookstore for medical literature. Since is open to the public, the website also includes web-based treatment services for online affairs, gambling, gaming, and eBay shopping addictions.

This new unit for English two students is sure to be an enlightening and startling task for students in the course.