West takes steps to improve grad rate

A.J. Seidler, News Editor

Joliet West High School graduation rate of 76.5% for last year was lower than the anticipated rate of 84%. This was also lower than its preceding class of 2011. There were many factors to this outcome than just students dropping out to leave school.

The graduation rate had many holes to it because more students graduated through summer school and a few extra days during the following year. According to the school, any student who does not graduate on time in four years is not considered a graduate of that class. If a student takes summer courses or even spends any more time in high school than is expected they are also not considered a graduate of that class.

The expected graduation rate for the class of 2013 is 92.5%. While this may be a tough goal some students and teachers are confident in the class of 2013. “I believe the school will do all they can to help the students now,” says junior Aaron Seidler. “I mean the teachers will see there’s a problem and do all they can to fix it.”

According to Dr. Gibson the school has taken many courses of actions to ensure that more students graduate this year. “We are offering more help to students with Geometry, Algebra 2, English 4, and so many others,” she says.

Based on the Illinois State Board of Education Joliet West has been on academic warning since 2002. This kind of action is taken when a school fails to reach its expected progress in a certain amount of years. But there happens to be many schools in academic watch, academic early warning, and academic warning.  

The total number of students for the class of 2012 was 711 which means about 544 students graduated that year. There were obviously a few exceptions but it is clear that last year’s graduation class was the lowest one in a few years.