Bye bye gym lockers

Natalie Mander, staff writer

One of the biggest concerns coming into the 2012-2013 school year has been the overwhelming amount of people. With the student body population at just over three thousand, a new policy has been enforced to ensure all students have a physical education locker to hold personal belongings.

This new policy does not allow students in P.E, Strength Training, Conditioning and Athletic Performance to obtain a gym locker that is assigned to each student. Students must now carry their belongings to and from class each day.

Knowing that all students would not have a gym locker this year, administrators changed the policy to ensure that students had a space for their belongings, even if it was just for one class period. Academy director of Applied Life, Terri Shrishuhn said, “With the new technology rules, we felt more comfortable that if students were to bring their phones and laptops, that they had a place to secure their items.”

Many students are angered with the new policy. Sophomore, Caitlyn Nelson said, “I just find it more difficult on the students to carry their belongings back and forth each day. New lockers should have been added to accommodate for all the extra students.”

Though teachers are not directly affected, many do see the concerns with the new policy playing out. “As a teacher, I don’t want to be responsible for students’ belongings” Physical Education teacher Jason Herrmann said.

Out of the many angered students, some are not as concerned with the policy. Sophomore and two sport athlete Danielle Uphoff said, “Since I’m an athlete, I’m used to carrying my uniform and bag back and forth. I usually put my gym uniform and shoes in a bag. It’s actually more convenient.”

Sophomore, Jill Malinowski also added, “I think if the students are responsible enough to carry their homework to and from class, then they can carry a pair of clothes and shoes. It’s just like carrying materials to any other class every day.”