Who cut the cheese?

Taylor Foote & Hannah Tadey, Views Editor & Enterainment Editor

The nacho cheese in the cafeteria, after many fluctuations, has settled on a new type of cheese.  Students had been complaining about the powder-based cheese mixture which had replaced the previous nacho cheese, which was taken off the market due to manufacturing issues.

The school is part of a purchasing co-op for school lunches, which involves purchasing from the company with the lowest bid to the co-op.  The next company in line for the nacho cheese, Land of Lakes, was also met with manufacturing issues, and so the school had to settle on a powder-based stock cheese.

Students who purchased the nacho cheese at lunch were met with the powder based substitute and were less than pleased.

“The cheese has no taste,” senior Ashley Downs said, “No one wants to eat it!”

The new cheese, although not of the same caliber as the previous cheese, is a definite improvement over the powder.  For one thing, it is actually cheese, and also contains more of the spicy, jalapeno flavor.  However, the cheese is also unappetizingly gelatinous; maintaining the shape of the cup after it is removed.

“It tastes okay as long as you don’t look at it” Senior Melissa Donchez said.

The last batch looked like cheese and tasted like….something else, so taste over texture is definitely better than something that simply looks like cheese.

Once the manufacturing issues are resolved, the original nacho cheese should be once again available for purchase in the cafeteria.  It seems no one liked the cheese substitute, and there was a noticeable lack of cheese cups in the cafeteria while the powder base was in circulation.