Three to one seat

Alex Buldak, contributing writer

The Joliet Township High School bus system is heavily relied upon and the main form of transportation to the students of both Joliet West and Central campuses.  This is due to the fact that many students are dependent upon a ride to and from school because not all students can get a ride or drive. Without one that is safe and well regulated, students’ safety is at risk just for getting to their destination.

The maximum capacity for each standard size bus is seventy-one passengers. This means that every seat on each bus is three people to one seat. Freshman, John Panteleo, says, “Three people per seat is okay for fourth graders, maybe, but it is not enough room for three high school students.”   Since all students are teenagers who area bigger than the typical “kid,” packing in three to a seat is difficult and considered a violation of safety rules.

The dangers of overcrowding are a passenger not being able to exit through the fire escapes if the bus catches fire or if the bus gets in an accident. Students could get injured or even worse.

Junior, Taylor Perry, says, “I’ve ridden my bus since freshmen year and it has never been as bad as it is now, the district needs to add another bus or at least do something to help.”

Joliet Township High School has just recently gotten a new bus barn for storing the buses. This new bus barn allows for the district to keep the buses in top shape even for the worst weather. With this new bus barn, JTHS can use more buses for things like creating extra bus routes which means fewer people per every bus.

To help with growing safety concerns, principal, Dr. Gibson, recently revealed, “There was one bus route that we had to issue another bus to this year.”