Latin Heritage Club on hold

Lilia Chavero, Views Editor

There have been many rumors at Joliet West that one of many clubs has been cancelled. This club represents the Hispanic students within our school. Latin Heritage Club at the moment in not an active club. In order for the club to continue, they must secure a sponsor. The clubs most current sponsor, Ms. Paramo, recently resigned.

The resignation of Ms. Paramo took place on Wednesday, November 19, 2011. Many students in the club were upset about this because they were starting auditions for their Spring Assembly; an assembly proven popular among the student body.

“The assembly was created to promote the Hispanic culture. Since this isn’t going to happen I believe the club members should join the Multi-Cultural Club if they are interested in learning about other countries,” says Paramo.

Club members have voiced their opinion on the club not being active and have hung fliers around the school to “bring the sponsor and club back.”

When Dr. Gibson was asked about what steps could be taken for this club to move forward she said, “Simply find another sponsor. The club will be inactive without a sponsor.”

The hiatus of the club also has raised concerns with parents.

“I was volunteering my time to sponsor the Latin Heritage Club, which I was more than happy to do. I can’t speak for the parents but I understand they’re upset. I spoke to many of my club members’ parents and they loved coming to watch their children dance in the assembly and were very supportive of their completing community service projects with the club, proven by their driving them to school at 5:00 in the morning to catch the bus for the events,” says Paramo.

The problem is what the club members should do now.  “Students can go to Multi-Cultural Club,” said Dr. Gibson.

However, Paramo adds that “The Multi-Cultural Club and the Latin Heritage Club are very different. While Latin Heritage did have many members that were not of Hispanic descent, we focus on Latin culture. Students learn about traditions of Latin countries, they’re introduced to new food, dances, historical figures, issues facing Latinos in the United States today among other things.”

Many students have started a petition to get Ms. Paramo back. If everyone contributes to help out the club and getting a sponsor or their former sponsor, the club will be reinstated.