Tech students win first place

Susie DeRoss, Editor-in-Chief

Students from Joliet West recently competed in Illinois State University’s Technology Education Collegiate Association’s 11th Annual Technology Day.  They walked away from the competition with several awards, including first place honors.

ISU’s Technology Day is a chance for students in grades six through twelve to not only learn more about technology but also compete in different related aspects.  Students from all over Illinois participated in hands-on, problem-solving, engineering based activities.

There were almost 400 students at the event from 20 different schools.  Of those 400 students, 39 came from Joliet West.  The West students learned necessary skills in Introduction to Technology, Industrial Electricity, Drafting, and Automotive classes.  One of the teachers, John Barber, said that the classes “prepared our students for success.”

Our students won three different awards:  Jake Bolyn and Brandon Duncan were first in level one for Invention & Innovation; Herbert Triplett and Joel Ramirez received second place in level one for Engineering and Design; and Fabian Ortiz and Teddy Giovanni placed third in level one for Flight Endurance.

The teachers who taught and supervised the students were John Barber and Justin Moscato.  “The competition provided the opportunity for our students to develop and practice leadership skills, competitive skills, team work, and critical thinking,” said Barber.  Barber and Moscato are very proud of all the students who competed.