Overcrowded hallways caused by growing enrollment

Hannah Tadey & Riv McCollum, Entertainment Editor & staff writer

It’s no secreat that students have concerns regarding the main hallway in the downstairs B building and are finding it difficult to get to class on time.

Last year, Joliet West had 2,653 students enrolled; this year we are close to 3,000, making us more crowded than in years past. Getting through the hallways is beginning to become a problem for some students.

“I seriously feel like 95 percent of West’s student population just stand in front of the deans’ offices during passing period,” senior Lauren Tatum said.

Other students would agree that some tend to just stand around and not follow the rules of the hallway.  With our student population almost at 3,000, students will benefit following the hallway rules such as staying to the right and not stopping at friend’s lockers.

Students are encouraged to take the time to socialize outside of school and follow simple hallway directions. These policies are in place to make it easier and less stressful to get to class. Also, students are encouraged take advantage of other buildings and hallways that aren’t so used.

“I take H building to get from gym to my last class in upstairs B building,” junior Lynn Gurschke said, “Compared to when I went through downstairs B, I save so much time!”

Complaining about the overcrowded halls will not make getting to class on time easier. Taking responsibility by planning a less congested route will save students time and stress. Yes, Joliet West has a lot of students, others would argue too many students, but  there is only so much we can do about it. Deans suggest to take an alternative route that does not include the downstairs B Building to  save time. Other buildings are crowded, but the main hallways are where many students go to  socialize, get to class, or go to their lockers. Avoiding these hallways is the advice suggested for those who are having conflict with making it to class on time.