Third Annual Barnes & Noble Book Fair

Taylor Foote, staff writer

The Joliet West Literacy School Improvement Planning Committee held its third annual Barnes and Noble Book Fair on Tuesday, April 12th. The book fair lasted all day, and between 4 and 8 p.m. performances and presentations from clubs and organizations were featured, as well as a student artwork display.

Upon presenting a special voucher, a percentage of the sale went to benefit The Joliet West Literacy School Improvement Planning Committee. The voucher was valid at all Barnes and Nobles, as well as online.

In the kids section, student volunteers set up coloring stations for children, as well as partaking in a bit of coloring themselves, coloring a picture of the school’s Tiger mascot along with other coloring pages. The Tiger himself could be seen walking around the store, giving out candy from baskets alongside the Easter Bunny.

Students and staff could be seen browsing the store’s selection of books, hoping to find something of interest to them, looking to spend some money to help out the school. Ms. Lingafelter stopped by looking for books to restock West’s library, leaving with a large basket of novels in hand. Students who weren’t as interested in the reading stopped by the Starbucks inside.

Leaving the book store fairly crowded, the fair brought in a lot of business, and was a big success. Students could be found sitting at tables talking, searching the shelves, and even sitting in the isles reading books they had just taken off the shelf.  Based on this, another Barnes and Noble Book Fair can be expected next year.