Mireles wins Grand Prix Lycee

Katie Welz, News Editor

This year, Joliet West’s very own artist, Leo Mireles, took grand prize in the Grand Prix Lycee. In this competition, students currently enrolled in French class or in a French club around the area were allowed to participate. This competition is held every year during French month. This year, the theme was French topics in Africa.

Right from the beginning, Mireles knew that this was a hard topic. “When you think of Africa,” he stated, “you don’t think of France.” This being said, Mireles had to think big. He chose to draw a typical African landscape with a bright orange sky. In the center of the picture, Mireles put the Eiffel Tower to represent France. Instead of giving the Eiffel Tower a gray tint, Mireles chose to make it all black as if the giant sun in the background was creating a shadow. Around the Eiffel Tower, Mireles chose to incorporate traditional African items. He drew African animals and one native African tree.

After submitting his work, Mireles felt that he had done all he could. “I know that I am a pretty good artist,” he said, “so I was pretty confident.” Mireles had every right to be confident. He ended up being the grand prize winner. Along with the title, Mireles won a $20.00 gift card to Barnes and Nobles. When asked how he felt about his recent win, Mireles nonchalantly stated, “I love to draw.”