Annual Alpha Omega Contest Names Finalists

Katie Welz, News Editor

The Mr. and Miss Alpha Omega contest is an annual event sponsored by the yearbook committee that names the best all-around senior boy and girl. Not only is this a prestigious award but also an honored and long-standing tradition of Joliet Township high School history.

The first qualification for the title is to have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 for eight straight semesters. The top fifty male and female students that met this requirement were then evaluated by the staff and awarded points for character and leadership. This year, ranking was done on-line. This made it easier for staff members when compared to other years. This was then used to determine the top ten boys and top ten girls to be considered for the award.

This year’s Alpha Omega top 10 contestants are: Tyler Brodeur, Diego Castro, Eli Clausen, Erin Cronin, Brooke Culen, Kathryn Daly, Ashley DeVries, AJ Galli, John Hosey, Scott Jennings, Michelle Lega, Carrie Miller, Tyler Newsome, Connor Relyea, Paola Rico, Hannah Robinson, Elizabeth Spesia, Joel Strode, Sam Wietlispach, and Sarah Wysock.

Contestants are now required to complete a resume highlighting their academic career. This resume along with a cover letter will be sent to a panel of judges. The judges will score each candidate ahead of time using a scoring rubric before conducting interviews with each candidate and awarding points for leadership, poise, diversity, confidence, merit, maturity, and commitment to their school and community.

Along with this new prestigious title, Mr. and Miss Alpha Omega will each be presented with a one hundred dollar visa gift card and award certificate; first place runners-up will receive fifty dollar visa gift cards along with award certificates. All eligible candidates are congratulated for their hard work and are all excellent role models for the entire Joliet West community. Their individual academic achievements and motivation toward success is something to be celebrated. Mr. and Miss Alpha Omega will be announced at Senior Awards Night, May 12, 2011.