Freedom of Expression at Risk Due to Central’s Rebellion

Riviera McCollum, staff writer

On Friday, October 15th, a number of students were sent to ISS for “inappropriate” clothing at Joliet Central High School. Students that wore black shirts, ripped jeans, and sandals spent a full day in ISS and possibly suffered one day suspension. Students eventually shifted to the auditorium due to large amounts of rebellion.

“Students thought if they all did that the school would be like whatever you guys can wear whatever you want now because you don’t listen,” stated Brittany Cernak, a sophomore at Joliet Central.

However, the student’s idea was unsuccessful and school authorities stood their grounds. Dean Randich Jr. of Joliet Central refused to reveal what sparked their stricter dress code, but are they allowed to enforce what is not in the handbook? Conflicts with open-toed shoes and pajama pants have also arose at Central. The problem is school authorities are not allowed to implement issues not written in the rules.

“I was almost sent to ISS for wearing jeggings that I’ve worn plenty of times before,” stated Erin Kelly, junior at Joliet West, on October 21st.

The dress code issue is now making its way to Joliet West. Are Central students to blame? Students are getting referrals and ISS for clothes that they’ve been wearing all school year.

“Fashion should be a statement, not a concern,” quoted junior, Hallie Roechner.

Since both schools are in the same district, they have the same consequences. Problems involving dress code at Central are now affecting students here at West. If this problem remains unsolved, will we be in uniforms next year?