Sophomores Cast a Shadow

AJ Seidler, contributing writer

It’s no secret that all sophomores have to do job shadowing, but not everyone knows it is a requirement for English 2. All sophomore students who didn’t attend the October 5th meeting should get information from their advisory teacher. Students will have another job shadowing meeting on October 14th in advisory. Students on overload should see their counselors. They will receive a packet which contains a Business Contract/Parent Consent from and a Student Evaluation from. The job shadowing option sheet is due October 27th.

Job shadowing is worth 30 percent of every sophomore’s second semester final grade. Students must fill out the packet answering which career they are interested in and they will need to interview someone within this career. This career must be in the student’s career academy; if the career is not in the academy, the student should switch to a different academy.

There are three options available for job shadowing. The first option should be chosen if the student knows which career he/she wants and who to interview. The student must write this information down and give it to his/her advisor or counselor. Option two is if the student knows which career to study but does not know who to contact. Students choosing this option must fill out an information sheet and return it, and the school will try to find someone with the same career. The third option is if the student has no idea which career to pursue. The school will set up a field trip for these students which will be on April 27th. More information will be provided in March.

Every student needs to have a minimum of four hours of job shadowing. Students may shadow more than one career, but must have four hours done for each of the careers. It is not allowed for students to take a day off school to complete job shadowing.

“All student’s work is due May 2nd. I cannot stress that enough,” district project director Mrs. Collins said. This is very important so sophomores should not procrastinate. This is a great opportunity for the students to get to know their intended career. They will learn what type of classes to take and they will see if they really want to pursue that career.