On the air…students run their own radio show

Krista Mehrl, Views Editor

           “Say it Out Loud,” an organization that received a grant from the Illinois Violence Protection Agency and the Illinois Children’s Mental Health Partnership provides local students with the chance to run their own radio program.

            This hour-long feature discusses topics that are often sensitive and uncomfortable to most high school kids. Nevertheless, these issues need to be discussed. High school students can cater better to other kids their age than any adult could.

            Topics include, but are not limited to: depression, eating disorders, suicide, post traumatic stress disorder, relationships, divorce, stress, stereotypes, bullying and sibling rivalry.

            Rebecca Haller, Brandon Newberry, and Joe Wolnik participate in the Say it Out Loud program and have the opportunity to run their own show while discussing one of the topics listed above. For the most part, they plan out what they want to discuss for the hour. Rebecca Haller participates in the program as a result of her interest in broadcast journalism as a career. “We research the topic assigned to us and then we talk it over with our supervisor, Kelly Bettenhausen. She directs us on what to say, but for the most part, it’s improv,” Haller said.

            A typical show might start out with a pre-recorded introduction which initiates the program. Then, one of the reporters will send the listeners into a music break. Once the listeners tune back into the show, the students can discuss their own take and spin on the topics, making them interesting for teen ears to hear.

            The show airs at 6 pm every other Wednesday on www.party394.com. Tune in and listen to fellow students address issues that matter.