West Upgrades Technology for Student Use

Ricky Diaz, staff writer

            Joliet West has made life easier this year by providing students with a service called Live Edu. Students will now be able to perform tasks on their home computers that are usually done through the schools computer, which saves time and headaches. Not only will this system help students with homework but it will also benefit students socially.

            When a teacher assigns a piece of work that needs to be typed or done online, some students do not have the tools needed but, that is no longer a problem. Live Edu gives students everything the school computer provides such as Microsoft Word 2007 or Microsoft PowerPoint. On top of needed programs, students will also be provided with 25 GB of memory. Students can use the calendar feature along with a task feature which is useful because now students have an online source of planning ahead and organizing their tasks.

            Students will also be given an email account that can be used for sending work or communicating with their teachers. This email account can also be used for other personal uses such as talking with your parents or other students. On top of email students also have an instant-messaging account that they can use to communicate with other students. Also, students can register their smart phones with these accounts. Another cool feature is that students can connect to other services like Facebook and YouTube by posting an update on Live Edu you also are updating your Facebook status.. In your profile you can edit info about yourself and add photos like Facebook or Myspace-type site.

            Live Edu is definitely a site every student needs to check out for themselves. If the extra help in school doesn’t catch their attention then they might enjoy the social aspects of the program. Overall, Live Edu is something every student in any school could use.