Breaking Ground: West Under Construction

Susie DeRoss, Views Editor

     A new addition will be added on to Joliet West.  This new building will open in the fall of 2011 and add new and advanced classrooms to the school. 

     There will be ten new classrooms in this building and most will be used for science courses.  The addition will be two stories and will connect to the back of the B-building where it meets the D-building.  The staircase that has been closed off is where the connecting hallway will be, moving the elevator over to an empty office space nearby. 

     The new building will also connect to the field house, creating another entrance.  Similar to the field house entrance by the gyms, there will be a cylindrical structure that will be used as a concession stand. 

     The new classrooms will provide science classes with ample supplies and utilities.  There will be new sinks, chemical fume hoods, and excellent electrical outlets for chemistry classes.  For physics classes, there will be a designated area just for performing different experiments so they will no longer have to happen in the open hallways. 

     The building will have a courtyard in the middle of it that will be accessible from two or three classrooms.  This courtyard will also provide space for science experiments, which will be especially useful for classes like AP Environmental Science. 

     The new addition to the school will be beneficial for all students by creating more space and providing new and improved classrooms to learn in.