Rating the water fountains

Arianna Westbrooks, Features Editor

At Joliet West High School water is easily accessible from anywhere in the building due to there being water fountains in every building. This is especially convenient for when you’re thirsty or in a rush for a quick refill for your water bottle. But, it’s common knowledge that not all water fountains at Joliet West taste the same, and the quality of water differs from building to building. That is why just four years ago, Freshman Jackson Bartelt tasted every water fountain at Joliet West High School so that he could determine which fountain was the best.

Bartelt came to the conclusion that the fieldhouse in D building had the best water; more specifically, ‘the water fountain on the right.’ And B building was determined by Bartelt to have the worst water.

Now it’s four years later and Senior Jackson Bartelt is back again to determine if D building still has the best water and if B building still has the worst water. To test his original hypothesis I gathered a cup of water from each building and had Bartelt taste test it.

According to Bartelt the water from E building was the best, while the water from buildings G and H were the worst. “A, B, and C buildings weren’t really good, but G and H were just horrible,” said Bartelt.
Prior to meeting up with Bartelt, I got opinions from eight Freshmen to get their take. I asked each of them which buildings had the best water. Their responses were mixed with 3 people who responded E building; 1 responded B building; 1 responded H; 1 responded A; 1 responded D; and 1 responded G.
[For a more visual viewing of this story tune in to Joliet West’s Tiger News Network on Youtube for a video news take on this story.]