End of year reflections

Arianna Westbrooks, Features Editor

This school year has been a rollercoaster of emotions with various highs and lows. With various different experiences from person to person here’s how some students felt about this school year:

“This school year was a solid 8/10, there are many things that I wish I could have changed about this year and there were days that I want to relive over and over, I feel like that is just what is special about high school, you have your good days and your bad days and it’s all okay in the end.” -Freshman, Keya Patel

“I liked being able to interact with people face to face again, and I met some alright people I guess.” -Freshman, Nancy Patel

“My favorite memory this year was having a student teacher in Mr. Ringfelt’s English class. He was a lot of fun and the classroom environment always felt low-pressure.” -Sophomore, Natalie Bartelt

“Getting accepted into the CNA program and being in Mr. Brower class. My dream job is to be a midwife and every nurse knows you have to know the basics before mastering any level, I got accepted in my Junior years and will be starting my career early. Only a few people got accepted so I’m very proud of myself. Mr. Brower’s class I will have to say was the best class, the vibe I got from every person in the class is how a class should be. He was very hands-on with the work and made sure everyone understood the assignment no matter how late you ask.” -Junior, Jakiya McWright