New PE procedures are received with mixed reviews by students

Arianna Westbrooks, Staff Writer

On March 14, 2022 new procedures were implemented for all PE (physical education) students to follow. These procedures were put in place due to safety concerns. The procedures require all PE students to be in the locker room before the :20 minute bell rings because the locker rooms will be locked. Any student that does not dress for PE or comes to class with their backpack will be required to sit out and will receive a 0 for the day. Students must also leave the locker room no later than :25 and go directly to their attendance spot or they will be marked tardy.

Here’s what students thought about the procedures: “I think that they are dumb and not gonna last long because so many people go to their lockers to get their gym stuff before they go to the locker room which makes them late by a minute or two.” – Junior, Dailey Moffet.

“It gives me mixed feelings to be honest but it’s same when we’re in school before COVID I don’t really mind it” – Junior, Maya Alcantar

“Its all stupid. They want us to start dressing more but won’t let us change if we are even a minute late. And even if we take the initiative to change in the bathroom to hopefully get a few points to participate to get our points we have to sit out because of a backpack, which are allowed everywhere except gym? I also don’t see the point in us having to stay in the locker rooms after changing. They are going to take attendance fast but keep us from going to the attendance spot sooner? It all seems like an initiative for less students to dress. If we are even a minute late we can’t dress. If we bring a backpack we can’t dress. Doesn’t make any sense. A lot of students have a hard time getting to the changing rooms coming the B-bulding and they may be late to the locker room but get dressed and to their attendance spot just fine. So I don’t understand locking the locker room at :20 at all when students usually come in later and still get the class on time. Preventing students from changing by the locker room would be counter productive because it would cause less students to be able to change, lower grades and sense they now email when we don’t dress it can get students in bad home situations in a lot of trouble at home.” – Junior, Kyla Bolden.

“I think the new gym procedures are not going to be effective, because it is limiting students ability to participate in gym just because they may be a few seconds late due to the huge crowds in the hallways.” -Junior, Marissa Levandowski

“The policy where you can’t enter late is reasonable and understandable; however, in the case of a late bus arriving it is not fair to the student for being unable to dress and receive a grade for the day.” Junior, Andrew Schmmitt.