Ms. Bhatti continues inspiring students

Keya Patel, Staff Writer

Ms. Bhatti, a freshman biology teacher, has been teaching biology at Joliet West High School for 3 years. Her
classroom is currently located in the H building. Ms. Bhatti went to Benedictine University for her Bachelors degree and for her Masters degree she went to Lewis University.

Rhiannon Markert, a freshman who is currently in Ms. Bhatti’s class says her favorite unit that they did was the genetics unit where students learned about the difference between Mitosis and Meiosis and did 2 summative projects based on what they had learned. Markert states “I really enjoy the labs and the experiments and the projects that we do. I loved the last summative project we did.”

When asked what inspired her to become a biology teacher Ms. Bhatti states “I wanted to make a difference whether in a person’s life or a lot of people, this is the best decision I made and I always loved working with kids and I really enjoy it.” The Genetics unit is one of Ms. Bhatti’s favorite units to teach because “it is more hands-on” she states.

Besides teaching 5 periods a day, Ms. Bhatti has a lot of hobbies such as hanging out with her friends and family, watching Netflix, and scrapbooking which she mainly does in the summer because it takes a lot of time. Ms. Bhatti is also the sponsor for Fearless Females.

Ms. Bhatti is an amazing teacher to have for your freshman year for biology, she inspires students everyday to do better and to be better people.