Key Club creates Valentine’s

Arianna Westbrooks, Features Editor

On January 21. 2022 the Joliet West Key Club made Valentines Day cards for senior citizens at local nursing homes.

On Monday the club made the cards during one of their meetings and the results were amazing. The Valentines Day cards were sent to State Senator Meg Loughran Cappell’s office and distributed throughout the 49th District.

Though the students were not there personally to deliver the cards, their gesture is still just as impactful. When I asked Key Club sponsor Ms. Chvoy why did she want the students to make cards for the nursing homes and what she hoped to come out of it she responded, “We know that many senior homes are still limiting visitors due to the COVID, so we wanted to brighten their day with fun and colorful Valentines… We hope that the senior citizens in our community feel that our students at Joliet West are thinking of them and care about them.”

When asking junior Samantha Flores what she hopes to come out of making Valetines Day cards for the senior citizens she responded, “I hope they feel appreciated, and it brings them a little happiness in their day. We hope they know there are people who care for them and have them in their hearts.”

Junior Marissa Levandowski responded to the same question with, “I hope the senior citizens enjoyed receiving all the cards and it was able to add some more joy to their day.”