Career Preparation: Hollands Code Project

Keya Patel, News Editor

Career Preparation, an elective you could take is doing a project called the Hollands Code Project. The Hollands code was made in the 70s by Psychologist John Holland. The Hollands code is a 3 letter code which shows an individual’s 3 dominant personality types out of 6. The 6 personality types are Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional.

Career Preparation began to learn about this two weeks ago. They started by doing the test themselves which resulted in their own unique 3 letter code. From there, they started their slideshow project.

The project is worth 40 points and there are 10 categories where you could get points. The categories are Interests, Transferable Skills, Self Management Skills, Ideal Community, Types of People, My Ideal Work Environment,
Salary and Responsibilities, Goals, Visual Requirements, and Project Management.

Ms. O’Malley, a teacher who teaches Career Preparation says “ I think the code is relatively accurate. I like that
several code combinations are available to suit so many personality types and offer a focus on the personalities most relevant to Career preparation and future employment.” This was her 3rd year teaching the Hollands Code to students.

Amy Olson, a freshman in Career Preparation says “I think that it both helped me narrow things down to a certain field but also opened up more options for me because I was thinking about things like work environments and how I want to be managed.”

Overall the Hollands Code is a way that you can figure out your personality type and is a starting point for figuring out your career options.