Tiger Claw Law Club

Arianna Westbrooks, staff writer

The new Tiger Claw Law Club held its first meeting this month.

The Tiger Claw Law Club is a club dedicated to students interested in becoming lawyers and who want to explore their interests in law. Students will be able to gain experience and knowledge in areas pertaining to law. Ms. Fike also mentioned having hopes of bringing in lawyers to share their experiences working in law.

The TCLC is a place where all students are welcome and encouraged to check out their options for law. This club grants students the opportunity to get firsthand experience of law, helping them to weigh their options and really grasp a potential future in law. The club sponsor, Lisa Fike says, “The Tiger Claw Law Club was set up after students interested in a legal career approached me last spring and wanted a place where students could explore the process of becoming a lawyer and the many different types of law practiced by lawyers in the US.”

This is the TCLC’s first year as a club, so some areas of the club are still being planned. “While we are still in the planning stages for the club, students have expressed interest in also conducting mock trials and exploring interesting court decisions as well as maybe participating in some court watching activities.  All students are welcome,” says Fike. 

If you are interested in practicing law, then take a hold of the opportunities presented by the TCLC. Don’t forget to stop by room B105 to learn how you can get involved. .