Black Lives Matter Club

Keya Patel, staff writer

At Joliet West there are many clubs and activities that students can participate in, one of which is the Black Lives Matter Club. 

The Black Lives Matter Club is a place where students can speak out on racism and encourage students to use their voice for good. During their first meeting the students brainstormed what topics they would like to cover this year, they group up these topics into themes and do one theme every month. In October they focused on how to respond to micro-aggressions. They watched videos, shared experiences and practiced using strategies to interrupt racist language. 

A lot of students have joined this club and have been enjoying the BLM club by sharing their experiences and are passionate about what they are doing. Mrs. Culp, one of the sponsors for the club says “The students that come to our club meetings are passionate and I love hearing them support and educate one another.” 

Kennedy Dorris, the student President of this club says “I love that this club gives a safe space for Black students to speak freely about their experiences and connect with other students who have similar experiences.”

The Black Lives Matter Club’s very first meeting was back in September of 2020. Mrs. Crim, another sponsor for the club says “We saw a need for a space to celebrate Black joy, improve our advocacy skills, and give students a space to feel seen and heard.


The Black Lives Matter Club meets every other Tuesday after school in room B110.