Spring is in the air

Emma Miller, staff writer

Spring: the season after winter and before summer. The time in which vegetation begins to appear. Spring, also known as springtime is one of four temperate seasons. Spring: to arise as from some source: grow or develop. 

Spring officially starts on March 20th, and ends on June 20th. This three month period is full of flowers starting to bloom, snow starting to melt, leaves starting to grow on trees, and the weather starting to warm up. Joliet West English teacher, Ms. Laura Allison, said, “When the weather warms up, the flowers bloom, and the trees become green again, it’s not just a fresh start for Mother Nature, but it’s a fresh start for everyone.” As Ms. Allison said, Springtime is when things change, it is the perfect time to create a change in our lives and get a fresh start.

In Illinois, the average spring temperatures range from around 36℉ to about 60℉. During spring and fall, moderate temperatures are expected. So far this March, we have only seen one day that has been below 36℉, March 8. We have also seen two days(As of 3/16) above 60℉. These temperatures are a little above the normal temperatures for this time of year. The average temperatures for March, in Joliet, are around 47℉/29℉. Joliet West student, Zion King said, “I like the spring temperatures because it allows me to be more active outside.” 

There are certain signs of spring that leave everyone excited for what’s to come! Some of the signs of spring include: birds singing, flowers blooming, seeing butterflies, birds migrating, and people taking walks together for the first time since fall. Ms. Laura Allison, said, “What I love most about spring are the flowers blooming and nature waking up for us after a long winter.”These signs of spring mean more than just the weather changing, it also means that spring break and Easter are coming soon! From the first day of spring, there is a total of 13 days before Easter, and 1 week before spring break! Spring break is the perfect time to relax and celebrate the new growth that is happening all around us. 

There is a saying that goes, April showers bring May flowers, and that saying is almost always true!  The reason why it always rains during springtime, is because spring is the rainiest season in the Northern hemisphere. The reason for this is because the warmer air molecules can hold in more moisture compared to colder air molecules. When the warm air rises and then cools, it can not hold in the moisture, so the water droplets come down as rain! When it rains, it helps the plants grow, which completes the saying, April showers bring May flowers. “I do not enjoy the rain in the spring,” said Zion King, “but I do enjoy the new growth because it is beautiful.”

Spring is the time of year when things start to change and grow. Everyone should take advantage of what this season has to offer. This is the time to take a walk, play outside, open the windows, and have fun! Learn to enjoy spring break, and celebrate Easter with the ones you love! Spring is the time for new growth, and a fresh start.