Vision concerns associated with e-learning

Emma Miller, staff writer

Could E-learning actually be more dangerous than the possibility of getting Coronavirus? Screen-based learning has many effects on students’ physical and mental health. Being on a screen all day can negatively impact all students. E-Learning is actually very dangerous for the students’ well-being.

A student’s eyes are greatly affected by looking at a screen all day. Students are more prone to getting Computer Vision Syndrome also known as Digital Eye Strain by focusing on a screen. Computer Vision Syndrome is a group of eye and vision related problems that are related to looking at a screen for a lengthened amount of time. Other symptoms caused by screens are headaches, eye strain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain. One of West’s school nurses, Susan Hurley, said this about E-learning,” As we know, screen-related vision problems can be a concern.  Being in front of a screen for a long time can cause eye strain, fatigue and headaches.”

Computers emit blue light from their screens. Blue light is very harmful to different parts of the eye. The front of the eye, and the back of the eye are the main parts that are affected. Blue light is also involved in Circadian Rhythms and sleep-wake timing. Studies have shown that blue light breaks down the body’s Melatonin which is the body’s way of regulating sleep patterns. This affects the student’s ability to consistently get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can affect a student’s ability to concentrate in school, and after school activities.

Being on screens all day now, will affect the vision later. “I worry about the long term effects on my students physical and mental health,” said Shannon Miller, the parent of a Joliet West student. Being on a screen all day every day, causes long term damage to a students eyes. Studies have shown that nearsightedness is linked to being on a screen for extended periods of time. Cases of nearsightedness have doubled in the US since 1971, which is because students are spending greater amounts of time in front of a screen. As stated on Business Insider.

Since vision is so important, it needs to be taken into consideration. Is e-learning really helping the students, or is it hurting them? Screen based learning might help solve one problem, but it is just creating another.

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