Movements and Protests happening in the United States in 2020

Erika Hernandez, staff writer

Protests have been on the news recently starring the Black Lives Matter movement and the recent protests about the election results. There is a difference between protests and demonstrations. Movements are when a group of people work together to advance their beliefs. Meanwhile, protests are when the public is speaking out about something they feel is unjust or wrong. This article will touch on LGBTQ, BLM, and post-election protests and demonstrations. 

LGBTQ movements touch on gay rights and equality. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. These protests express the need for equality and the rights of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Some support this movement and others are against it. This protest was caused by the unfair treatment towards gays and lesbians. The treatment and the laws towards transgender men and women also sparked this movement. Laws saying that even though they are transgender they have to use the restroom of their original gender. This enraged LGBTQ supporters. The LGBTQ movement has had people protest against them. This caused the “Anti-LGBTQ” movement.

Protests have lessened due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The most recent protests were in June and July in Hollywood, Minneapolis, Boystown, etc.  One JTHS student had this to say about the movement, “I think this movement is important. I identify as bisexual and I have taken some heat for that. This movement matters because it helps people express their need to be treated equally and their need for rights as gay, bi, lesbian, etc.” Another shared, “I support this movement. I understand the need for them to be treated equally. No matter what sexuality or gender they are, they’re still human beings and should be treated like one.” Finally, an additional student commented, “I am neither against it or for it. This movement is important to them and I can’t judge them because they don’t have the same values as me.”

A more prominent vocal group, The Black Lives Matter movement, touches on the racial bias people and police officers have toward black men, women, and children. It also speaks out against discrimination and racial prejudice towards black men, women, and children. These protests express their need for equality for people who are black. Protests increased because of the death of George Floyd. George Floyd died in police custody because of a police officer kneeling on his neck even after Floyd repeatedly told the officer “I can’t breathe”. This enraged the public and the public started protesting against police officers and racial bias. The BLM movement has had people protest against them as well. This caused the “All Lives Matter” movement and the “Blue Lives Matter” movement.  A JTHS student said this about the movement, “I support BLM. These lives matter and shouldn’t be considered a threat just because of their skin color. They shouldn’t be shot or murdered by the people that are supposed to protect them. They deserve to enjoy life as much as a white person. I’m a minority because I am Hispanic. They’re a minority because they’re Black. If we don’t fix this problem now, the prejudice towards them, what’s next for my race?” Another JTHS student said, “I support the Black Lives Matter movement. This is important. Nobody deserves to be threatened because of their skin color, the way they dress, or the way they talk. They may not be white but they deserve to be treated with respect the way white people are treated.”

The election protests are for both President Trump and President-Elect Joe Biden. The public has elected Joe Biden to be president and Kamala Harris to be vice president in 2021. This has sent some of the public into a rage. The public had started protesting the election results. Demonstrations were held supporting Joe Biden and others were against Joe Biden.  A JTHS student said this about the protests, “ I really don’t agree with the people protesting against Biden. To me, Biden is way better than Trump. If these people wanna protest, I can’t stop them but I can always speak on my opinion.”

These protests and movements have had an impact on our community and society. There are people supporting each other and people disagreeing with each other. This is a time of heightened anxiety for everyone. According to one student, “Let’s make the world a better place. I’m not saying that everyone needs to agree with each other but at least let our generation and future generations live safe lives and respect each other. Maybe these movements and protests will help us get there.”