New Ownership or Closed for Good?

Holley Law, staff writer

Louis Joliet Mall faces an unknown future as discussion over new ownership or if they will be closed for good has begun. Starwood Retail Partners, the company that owns the mall, is unsure of what they are going to do.

Louis Joliet Mall has seen many stores come and go. Staples like Carson’s closing in 2018 and Sears closing in 2019, now leaves JcPenney and Macy’s as their only two anchor stores. There are rumors that these stores are having financial issues of their own. Several stores within the mall have also closed, including Victoria Secret just recently.

Students who used to hang out with friends there have their opinions on what they think about the mall closing. Many are sad to see it close, for they have made lots of memories there. Teenagers also use going to the mall if they need something that is harder to get online. Junior Kelsey Hardesty says, “I am very sad that the mall is could be potentially closing, I feel like that’s where I go if I need a dress or go to the movies, and just to hang out with friends mostly. I hope it doesn’t close for good.”

Even with the rise in online shopping, many still like going to the mall. Many who go there for shopping will have to find a new way of shopping should the mall fully close down. “Now I will have to shop online but it won’t be the same experience anymore,” Sophomore Cheyenne Wascom says.

Junior Jenna Hieser says, “The mall was like the go-to spot to hang out with all of your friends.”

As talks go on about the mall either closing for good or being sold to new ownership, their fate is still uncertain. Many hope that the mall does not close; however, it can easily be argued that the mall does need a makeover and some new stores to bring in continued revenue.