Librarians are scheduling virtual meetings with students for help

Julissa Fuentes, staff writer

The coronavirus pandemic has caused librarians to rethink how they can still contribute to their schools but remotely. While librarians are trying to find new ways to do that remotely, students are struggling in their remote learning. The pandemic has caused students in remote learning to struggle in their remote classes.

Librarians try their best to teach and help students learn for many years. They try to do the best they can to make sure students can learn and try their best in their education. But since the COVID-19 started in late November, Librarians are trying to find new ways to teach their students at home. Using Remote learning, Teachers teach their students remotely. Although, kids seem to have difficulties learning and understanding their teachers. So Librarians stepped in.

Many school librarians turned to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic for interacting with other educators who were experiencing remote instruction for the first time. According to Mrs. Walsh, one of our librarian’s in our Joliet west high school, her purpose as a librarian in remote learning is not much of a difference when we were in person.

“So since were remote this year obviously we can’t be there in person to help students one on one when they have there questions, but we made that our goal to think about all the ways students use the library when we were in person and then still make all of those ways available to students remotely and one of those is the very important ability to make appointments with us so they can still ask those one on one questions… My Goal is to help students be able to access the information that their looking for, be able to become lifelong readers and learners which they can do from the literature that we provide but also from like questioning and doing research on things that they are interested in general.We also want to provide students with the tools to create their own work. So it’s not just about finding information and being able to have access to it, but it’s also about using that information to create something new…We do what we do cause we enjoy helping students, that’s part of my job that I love the most. That’s why I come to work everyday because I want to help students.” (Amy Walsh, Joliet West Librarian).

Librarians’ purpose is to support students in their school. So Librarians find a way to help students learn during their education. They give out resources like to help students with a report or something. They even give out School Counseling if you need it. Librarians love to help students. That’s why they chose to have this job. So we should appreciate having librarians to help us out along the way. Especially since we’re on remote learning. Thank You Librarians!