How to celebrate Memorial Day at home

Isabella Gourley, staff writer

Memorial Day is a special holiday that honors the men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country while serving in any of the branches in the military. This year, citizens all across Illinois and other states in America are under a stay at home order and are forced to miss out on some of their favorite Memorial Day activities that violate social distancing, such as barbecues, parades, memorial services, and parties. Fortunately, there are many ways to celebrate this special day at home!

  1. Make a Sidewalk Chalk Mural 


Sidewalk chalk is such a fun activity that allows you to get outside with some fresh air to create beautiful art that remembers our fallen heroes.




2.Learn About the Holiday

Memorial Day is an important holiday and we should learn why we are celebrating it. There are many wonderful videos online for all levels of education that explain all about the holiday, such as What is Memorial Day All About. There are also a variety of books that also explain the holiday and some can be found on the Joliet West online school library.


3. Make Patriotic Crafts 

Making crafts is a fun way to pass time and to create exciting Memorial Day decorations for your house.





  1. Make an American Themed Dessert

Dessert is a yummy way to conclude your Memorial Day celebrations. There are many recipes all over the internet to inspire the patriotic backer in you! For example, Taste at Home offers 10 American themed desserts. 




  1. Virtually Contact a Veteran

Call, text, Facetime, and Zoom a veteran that you know and thank them for their service or contact a friend who has lost someone serving their country.