How seniors stay connected during quarantine

Barbara Lunsford, Copy Editor

This period of isolation and social distancing has brought varying challenges for all kinds of people. One group that stands out would be the senior class of 2020. High schools across the country are shut down, leaving the current graduating class in a strange position. Through the struggles of the coronavirus, we seniors have been able to find unique ways to maintain connections and pass the slow days.

For seniors that are spring athletes, the time has been very difficult, as the hope they had to participate in even one last competition drained gradually. Senior baseball player Luke Pirc has gone out and practiced once or twice a week for his sport. After the news of the season being canceled, Pirc says, “Although we are losing our season, baseball taught me not to be selfish. Therefore, we have to look for what is most important now and look after the people who are most affected.” Senior athletes, though strongly disappointed, still can take away some lessons from this unfortunate time.

Most can agree that the current quarantine situation is rather annoying, and lots would rather be in the classroom surrounded by close friends and good teachers. Senior Alyssa Vilcek says, “It’s been extremely hard breaking our pattern and I’m sure just like anyone will admit, we’re bored and we miss our friends. But we also have to keep taking the social distancing rules seriously in order to get better no matter how much we all hate it. Facetime doesn’t cut it sometimes and keeping in touch is extremely important for me with my friends. Quite honestly, Netflix and Disney Plus have been a nice distraction for me most of the time.”

Some seniors have taken up new hobbies to pass the time. This includes learning more in the kitchen. TikTok has become a popular source of both entertainment and easy recipes for viewers to follow while quarantined. One Internet trend has been whipped coffee, shared over all kinds of social media platforms and websites, TikTok being only one of them. With a few ingredients, this recipe is fast and fun to follow. Other students are taking the time to enhance the skills and hobbies they already have and enjoy. Personally, during her quarantine, senior Mia Martinez says she has “been playing music/writing songs, exercising and watching TV or movies, and [has] been trying to stay connected through social media.”

Whether seniors are happy or disappointed with the class of 2020’s fate, we have all adapted in our own ways of staying close with friends and keeping busy. It is important to remember we are not alone during this historic time. On a positive note, this quarantine will hopefully leave us all more inspired to live our lives to the fullest when we get the chance in the future.