College Admissions Heavily Affected by COVID-19

Jada Carter, staff writer

As colleges close due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, which causes a disease known as COVID-19, makes choosing a college much harder this year. According to U.S News, “If a student hasn’t already visited the colleges where he or she has been accepted, a closed campus likely eliminates the option to do so.” As a whole, the coronavirus outbreak has made it very inconvenient to select colleges among all students around the U.S.

In a recent statement, Elizabeth Heaton, vice president of educational consulting at Bright Horizons College Coach asserts how a lot of colleges have now decided to participate in online admissions events and resources stating, “A lot of colleges have set up online groups where you can meet other students virtually. My guess is what we’re going to start to see is a lot of things go online.” Many colleges are momentarily emphasizing virtual tours, creating more online content for students, and are now extending the deadline to accept offers of admission.

In addition, current college students and administrators have also suffered financially due to the pandemic. All students are prompted to classes online and emptied campuses, issuing refunds for housing, and other campus-related costs. 

These changes have cost campuses millions of dollars, and colleges could be impacted harder as this outbreak prolongs. 

Due to the fact that most campuses in the United States are remaining empty, administrators are trying to figure out ways to maintain their finances and are not making much progress. According to National Public Radio, “The math is not pretty,” says Robert Kelchen, who studies higher ed finance at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. “Colleges are stressed both on the revenue side and on the investment side.” As more time pasts, it has been troublesome for colleges all over the U.S. to sustain their finances during COVID-19. 

Considering colleges are spending money to take classes online, purchasing software, and training professors, there is no revenue from events such as athletics and conferences on campus in which causes difficulty for money entering schools after spending large amounts of funds on resources. 

In summary, the longterm financial impacts of college admissions remain uncertain. As the rise in cases and deaths from COVID-19 continues, it is likely that many colleges will proceed to have financial challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.