Vegetarian-safe meat

Kailey Staniszewski, Staff Writer

A vegetarian is someone who doesn’t consume any meat from animals. A vegan is someone who doesn’t consume any animal products from meat, eggs, or dairy products. This diet may seem impossible to some, but in recent years, veganism and vegetarianism has been growing rapidly in followers. With many benefits for both the body and the environment, it’s no wonder why this trend is becoming so popular. However, it wasn’t until 2019 when the fast food industry started to adapt to this change. First popularized by fast food chain Burger King, veggie and “impossible” burgers have been intriguing audiences and causing discussion amongst other competing chains.
There is talk of big companies like Wendy’s and McDonald’s adding a vegetarian-friendly patty.
Dunkin’ has already taken action creating a vegetarian breakfast sandwich with the popular “impossible” patty. However, if you go to a sit-down restaurant, what are your options? Popular restaurants such as Red Lobster, Outback, and Texas Roadhouse sadly don’t have any entrees that are friendly for your vegetarian diet. However, Red Robin, and local restaurants such as Hamburgerseria, offer several dishes to choose from.
It’s not only veggie burgers, but other versions of your favorite dishes are being adjusted for this new diet. A Washington D.C. restaurant, Farmers & Distillers, has created an “impossible” meatloaf option that tastes as authentic, and some would say even better, than one of the most traditional comfort food dishes.
Grocery stores are even starting to create sections in the freezer aisle specified for vegetarian substitutes. Anything from ground beef, burgers, or boneless buffalo wings can be found in these sections. So, next time you have the opportunity to try a vegetarian or vegan item at a fast food restaurant or sit-down place, you should try it because you may be surprised by the authenticity or flavors that come with these alternatives.