JROTC gives back

Mariana Ruiz, staff writer

On November 6, 2019, JROTC volunteered to help the organization Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), a Christian non-profit organization that provides nutritious meals for children that live in third world countries. As the whole battalion planned and prepared for the upcoming date, JROTC managed to have 62 students sign up, 67 including chaperones.

The battalion arrived at the factory, where inside there were several other groups from other places also volunteering. Once everyone had arrived, the workers explained to the crowd that they would be packing potato, which is specifically for infants 7-12 months old. 

The workers explained the procedures in packing the food, and how the volunteers played a part. While packing, the cadets showed great motivation. Multiple cadets enjoyed this, as one student named Jalyssa Brand states, “I enjoyed how motivated we were packing the food for those in need.” The students showed great cooperation with each other as well as a team. Another student, Haylee Gonzales, mentioned, “I enjoyed packing the food.” 

Once finished packing, every group sat down and the worker reviewed with us how many boxes everyone filled. Overall, everyone there managed to pack 113 boxes, surpassing the goal of 100 boxes. Those boxes managed to feed 48,384 kids which saves them $11,612.16. JROTC’s amount of boxes managed to feed 21,804 kids. 

Colonel Benjamin White said, “I’m extremely happy and pleased with the cadets efforts, they were extremely motivated, there was a lot of teamwork, at the end we were able to feed kids from around the world who would really benefit from our cadets’ efforts, I’m proud of every last and each one of them.” 

The Health and Medicine Academy will host another one of these events next semester. Mr. Markun, the academy coordinator, would love anyone in a club or team to come and support this organization.