Bernie Sander’s Immigration Plan for 2020

Jaqueline Munoz, staff writer

2020 Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, released his plan for immigration on November 7th, which detailed which measures the senator would take to put an end to deportation.

The senator said that he would put a halt to immigration, stop the construction of the US-Mexico border, end the separations of families, and breaking up ICE. 

On day one, the senator will put an end to separating children from their families, he will also overturn Trump’s Muslim ban, and meet with several central and south American leaders to find the root causes for illegal immigration. Sanders will also dissolve other policies that President Trump put in place to prevent immigration. Sanders also plans on expanding and fully supporting DACA (Deferred Action of Parents of Americans) and DAPA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). He will ensure that immigrants who have lived and contributed to the country for five years or more will receive legal status.

According to the senator’s campaign, “To Bernie, immigration is personal. Bernie’s father came to the United States at age 17 with no money and knowing almost no English. He didn’t have much of an education and no real skills. But he built a life for himself and his family through determination and hard work.”  Sanders’ past with immigration has become one of the main reasons for this immigration plan.

His campaign also stated, “We now have a president who is a racist, a xenophobe, and a demagogue. He has tried, as all demagogues do, to divide us by demonizing immigrants and blaming them for society’s problems. ” This is why the senator has proposed to dissolve almost all of President Trump’s immigration policies. He is specifically moving to expand DACA and change the way ICE is run, possibly even dissolving ICE.

The senator hasn’t been the only one to release an immigration plan, both Elizabeth Warren and Julian Castro, who was former secretary of Housing and Urban Development, have released their immigration plans. All three candidates promised to expand DACA and restructure ICE. 

The immigration plan provided Sanders with more support for his campaign. Although Sanders is a liberal, and pro-immigration, some conservatives support the senator’s immigration plan. This is giving the senator an upper hand in the upcoming 2020 election; he has both liberal and conservative support.