Killer zodiac sign attractions

Danielle Durak, Features Editor

Aries – Because of your daredevil nature, the best fall attraction to match your kind of energy is a haunted house. but not just any haunted house, one that is filled with plenty of jump scares and spooky attractions.

Taurus – Stable and practical, you would be best off going to an apple/pumpkin patch with friends or family members.

Gemini – Since you are so talkative and creative, you would be best off going to a Halloween costume party.

Cancer – Reliable and emotional, your persona pairs best with the activity of cuddling with your closest friends or boyfriend/girlfriend and watching Halloween movies from the comfort of your home.

Leo – Flamboyant and charming, spending your time this fall having a photoshoot in the woods or by a pumpkin patch is your kind of forte.

Virgo – You resemble a realistic and organized character, who would love nothing better but to go through a fall cleanse throughout the house/put up Halloween decorations.

Libra – Your nature is very charismatic and social, meaning that you would enjoy a nice fall coffee shop hangout/ picnic in the woods.

Scorpio – You are a very passionate and intense individual that would best spend time during the fall at a haunted corn maze.

Sagittarius – Adventurous and optimistic, traveling to different cities and visiting a vast amount of cool fall attractions would keep your spirits up and running.

Capricorn РThese people are cautious and determined, so it would be best for them to go leaf picking at the local forest preserve.

Aquarius – The best fall attraction to match your bold and eccentric personality would have to be taking a hot air balloon ride over a scenic fall landscape.

Pisces – Being such an imaginative person, creating an art project with fall staples will bring out your creative side.