How to throw a Halloween party

Shava Moore, Staff writer

The day everyone has been waiting for has come. October. The month where kids rot their teeth with candy filled pillow cases. Where we get to dress up as bugs, creatures, and future careers. Of course, what comes with Halloween is parties. This is how to build a perfect, magnificent, extravagant Halloween party. If you would like to have a theme like to have a theme like, Supernatural, glow in the dark, or even prison themed, that is up for you to decide. If not, first a budget is needed. The larger your budget the more food and the better the decorations.

Every Halloween party needs candy. Of course, since it’s that time of month stores will be flooding with huge bags of candy. Make sure to have a wide range, encouragement to get hard candy but also a little chocolate on the side. To add to the candies, try to also have food. 

Having food and drinks available for free attracts a bigger audience, and there are ways to get a variety pizzas and drinks without putting too big of a dent in the budget. After food, drinks, and sweets have been planned, decoration which may or may not connect to the theme you have will be the next step. Of course, there are many stores which holds decorations with low prices like the Dollar Tree and Party City.

Once everything has been planned out, buying everything would be the next step. Starting ten days before the actual date of the party is a good idea just to be safe. If any products you wanted are out of stock can come the next day or days after that. Once invites are out the day has come. it’s time to party. From there, you will have the best Halloween party.