A different perspective


Alexis Schofield, Online Managing Editor

“The Hate U Give” by Angie Thomas has recently been receiving a lot of attention from the media. It follows a high schooler named Starr Carter who lives between her lower-class neighborhood and honorable suburban prep school. One day she witnesses the fatal shooting of her best friend at the hands of a police officer.

In the novel, Thomas brilliantly portrays the issues of police brutality and racism, while still tuning in on the fact that Starr is just an ordinary person, just like most of the people in our world who are facing problems similar to hers.

It has been announced recently that Thomas’ novel is being made into a film, which will hopefully shed more of a light on the important topics discussed. Since the movie has been announced, the book has become more popular and has been receiving lots of positive feedback. The representation of minorities in YA novels are rarely made into films, which is a huge recognition, especially because of the issues currently happening in our society.

Readers are hoping to see something accurately reflective of Thomas’ story. Student Morgan Beene says that “It is very important in this political culture to have this kind of expression in the media”.

Something that a lot of people are concerned about is the movie not portraying the same painfully honest message that is illustrated in the novel. If the movie ends up being reflective of the novel and shows an authentic story without glamorizing the topic of racism and police brutality, the movie should be very successful.

The movie adaptation of “The Hate U Give” is currently set to premiere on October 5th as a limited release and will be widely released on October 19th.