Strength in Numbers

Olivia Apostolovski, News Editor

The new club dubbed ‘Strength in Numbers’ was designed to help students with disabilities combat them and do this in a way that is interactive and creates a safe space for those individuals.

Vivienne Fenske is the president of the club, who was inspired to create this due to being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. “The idea for this club came to me from my own desire to be with students who had disabilities and could understand my struggles, I have type 1 diabetes and what I wanted was for students to feel the same thing I felt when I go to diabetes camp every summer- it was a completely normal camp, but what was special about it was we got to live in a place where everything was catered to our diabetic needs and be with other kids who understood the hardships and therefore, we felt normal.”

She has relatively simple goals for the club, wanting to provide support, inspire friendship, and create a safe environment for the students who need it. “That’s what I want to provide for any student in our school, a place where they can just be free and belong somewhere. “

Not only will this club provide the students with the ability to connect with others that are going through the same hardships that they are, but in addition there are events that the club will participate in as well. “The students will be able to be part of organized events such as walks, fundraisers, and benefits. The events will be sponsored by organizations that relate to different student’s disabilities. It gives them a chance to help fund for research and cures,” says Fenske.

To students that are unsure about joining, Fenske invites everyone who is willing to come join the club. “You will find friends here, everyone who comes here understands what it feels like to struggle with having a disability.” A key point in encouraging others to come out to join is the fact that there will be no judgment and the focus of the club is not on the disability, but to help better the community and to make a difference. “You are not alone anymore, when you come to club you belong there, you are welcome!”

The first meeting of the club was Thursday, December 1st in the PPS room from 3:20-4:15, snacks will be provided. For any questions, email [email protected] and follow @JWHSstrength on Twitter and strengthinnumbersjwhs on Instagram for updates and the latest from the club.