Chellino supports students artistic abilities


Krystal Steg, staff writer

Sponsor of the Heavy Metal Club, Coffee House, and now guitar clinics, Mr. Chellino has created countless opportunities for students. Mr. Chellino has also hosted events like the Night of the Living Dead showing, Metalhead showing, and soon the end of the year party for Heavy Metal Club on May 17th in room B104.

Since October, Mr. Chellino has held Heavy Metal Club meetings every other Tuesday. The first meeting was the best turnout- another sing-in sheet was even needed. But after every other following Tuesday, the turnout became smaller and smaller. The last meeting was on May 3rd, with just 6 or 7 people in attendance. A big controversy about this club is what actually happens at it. When you sign-in, there is another sheet of paper for everybody to write down song requests. Going down the list, each one is played and the requester is given the chance to talk about the song. Genres from metal to punk rock, anything “out of the norm” can be shared. This club allows students to share their interests with others and learn new ones they might not have known before.

Coffee House gives students the chance to show their musical talents with others in a judge-free zone. It’s not allowed to say sorry if you play the wrong note or mess up. This environment encourages students to overcome a fear of playing in front of people, and to share what they love to do. Even if they don’t play an instrument, students can still attend to listen to others play.

Recently in April, Mr. Chellino started a guitar clinic. This was made for students who either want to play guitar or already do, to learn more techniques or songs. The first event took place on April 21st, where Steev from the Fine Tunes Music School came and brought 6 extra guitars and one bass. Luckily, there happened to be 7 people there without an instrument. That’s when Steev announced they all could keep these instruments. “It was really cool to get a guitar,” said freshman Jennifer Cisneros. “Now I can finally learn how to play an instrument. The next meeting is on May 19th in the little theatre.

“Heavy Metal Club introduced me to new people and new music, I’ve found a lot new things I like,” said freshman Blake Lewandowski. “Mr. Chellino has done a lot for students this year.”