Tips from seniors to underclassmen

Iaya Bacot, Photo Editor

As the time is winding down for seniors and their last days of high school nearing in just a few short months, several seniors have offered advice and tips for underclassmen as they get closer and closer each year to becoming a graduate as well. Senior Kristine Bourg stated,” Don’t take everything to heart. Let it roll off your shoulder and high school will be a lot easier.” When asked about advice for underclassmen, Senior Tyler Johnson offered,” Seize every single opportunity you can, whether it be with girls/boys, sports or academics. High school years go by fast. Don’t let it pass you by.” Don’t do drugs. Just because everyone is participating in it doesn’t mean you have to. You have a choice.” said Makaveli Smith. Most of the seniors are very involved in the school by participating in clubs, sports, and even being part of the Wild West. After winning state, cheerleader Brandy Teague stated,” My advice is for everyone to never doubt their training or what their coaches tell them. All of your hard work will be worth it in the end if you consistently push to reach your goal.” Sometimes being a senior is more academic demanding than it appears to be. Seniors have college life to get ready for, try to get involved with their school as much as possible as their last year winds down, and then there’s prom. As a senior, that all the advice the teachers offered was right, can be the hard part. Each grade level is a stepping stone to prepare underclassmen for senior year. If slacked or slacking those years, becoming a senior, it becomes a reality. Donyae Betts exclaimed,” Make sure you pass ALL your classes so your senior year can be your easiest year.” Kassandra Caceres in agreement stated,” Be sure to focus on yourself and make sure that you take school seriously because it paves the way to your future and success!” Along with that Senior Rhiannon West explained,” My advice would be to pay attention in class. Get involved in after school activities because it makes your high school experience better.” This advice given are from the people that have walked Joliet West hallways for the past four years and have experienced high school at its best and at its worst. To end Kiala Cotton said this,” Don’t let negative people get in your way. Do what makes you happy. If you need help ask! I promise you aren’t the only one. Join a group, club, or sport. You’ll have a lot of fun and make new friends. Lastly, have fun because before you know it you’ll be walking the stage and saying goodbye to it all.” So underclassmen, the advice has been given. What you plan to do with it is your choice.