JW band marches towards the end of the season


Joliet West was proud to see the Marching Tigers put together a unique show and compete in several competitions this season. Photo courtesy of Facebook.

Andrea Paolone, News Editor

It’s that time of year again, and Joliet West was proud to see the Marching Tigers put together a unique show and compete in several competitions. Each year, the band as a whole chooses a distinct theme to intertwine into their music and into the show. After the band faced the loss of one of their favorite band directors, Mr. Carroll, leaving the school district, they had a difficult time adjusting to the newness of Mr. Wellman. With that being said, this year the show is called “Transformation” which Wellman explains to be a sort of transition from Carroll to Wellman. Within this show it will also be clear that the band is starting to change the band program a little bit, for the better, almost in the spirit of their show. Overall, the music and movements are supposed to represent positivity, happiness, also strength to prove that the band can overcome some difficult changes within the program and go from one director to the next.

The Marching Tigers have only encountered 3 competitions thus far in the season. At the first two competitions at Stagg and Pontiac, the band placed third in their division, and fourth at their most recent competition at Victor J. Andrew High school. (Also placing in their division.) “Our last performance was interesting though because it was our first full run through the show, ever. That’s like doing a dance or cheer routine, a musical performance or a play without ever having done it straight through before. So taking that factor into consideration, fourth place is a quite generous placing if you ask me.” Clarifies senior trombonist, Miguel Gutierrez.

The marching season comes to an end on October 24th, meaning that there are only three competitions left in the season for the Marching Tigers to try and place first in the remaining competitions. “I hope to see people rehearse in a more respectable way in order for us to achieve the goal of first place by the end of the season,” mentions junior Jana Gautschy.