Eight things you should know before College

Courtenay Clutts, staff writer

College, the most exciting time in everyone’s life, and a great transition. The main thing being worried about is a food source (probably already taking down numbers for pizza delivery). But, do you know how to prepare yourself in other ways for this great change? Well the next eight pieces of advice will help you greatly.

  • Make friends with people that have the same class as you: It can really help you out in the class. You have someone to go to when you are confused about something. Also, you have someone to study with that will be more understanding, much more then someone who isn’t in the same class as you.
  • Just because you can skip a class doesn’t mean you should: You are now an adult! Every class is needed and also expensive. Prove to your professor that you are responsible, by showing up to class on time, every time. You need to and should go to every class this is needed to be successful. Pick the days you know will be good for you when planning out your schedule.
  • Don’t bring your entire room: Incoming freshmen underestimate the amount of storage space they have. You will find out you don’t need that many clothes as you thought you did.
  • Find out what you can bring: Some colleges won’t let you bring certain things. Like, a car some colleges won’t let you have one until your sophomore year, but then some colleges won’t let you have one at all. You will realize that you don’t need one, everything is on campus.
  • You can have fun during college while you’re getting good grades: Time management is needed! Don’t cram your schedule with studying, neither with just having fun. You need to be smart with your time. You can have a little bit of both.
  • Have your parents teach you how to do laundry: You’re on your own now you need to learn this very important task you will have to go to the laundry mat. You will need to have a lot of quarters handy.
  • You will get homesick: At some point you will. One remedy for this is to fix a meal that your mom would make for your. It will help.
  • Buy your text books after you go to class: You want to do this so you aren’t buying books that you don’t need. Doing this will help you save a lot of money and effort.