Teachers dominate spirit week

Natalie Mander, Editor-in-Chief

Among the many fall activities, homecoming events are just the beginning of a time of excitement. In preparation for the game, parade, and dance, homecoming week is a time for JT staff and students to be creative and share school spirit by participating in the various theme days. This year, the JT staff has gone above and beyond in their participation.

Prior to spirit week, Dr. Gibson sent out an email to all staff, giving an incentive for their part in the upcoming events. This incentive was that for every staff member who participates in the theme days of spirit week, she would donate three dollars of her personal finances to an academy scholarship.

The theme days of spirit week included Chicago sports day, country day, Grease (the movie), and class color day. Many students and staff were photographed in their costumes, including the administrative staff. Mrs. Blake, teacher at Joliet West, participated in the spirit week events. “I always love participating in Spirit Week because costumes and accessories make life exciting. Just like in Drama class, pretending to be someone different for a day is so much fun!” she said.

Dr. Gibson also commented on the exemplary efforts, stating “I was really excited to see the level of staff participation in the Homecoming Week Spirit Days.  I think staff involvement contributed to a great week.  I was happy all day on Friday as I walked through the halls seeing the number of students and staff in spirit wear.”

In total, Dr. Gibson donated 444 dollars to the various academy scholarships. “I am not sure if I will issue a Homecoming Spirit Challenge next year.  I am open to any and all ideas that help to promote Tiger Pride, so if students have ideas I am happy to entertain them,” said Gibson.