Kent State shirt causes controversy

Madi Dobbs , Photo Editor

Social media uproar over Urban Outfitters’ blood-red-stained Kent State shooting sweatshirt. Urban Outfitters sweatshirt caught the attechtion of millions on twitter after selling a “Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt” for the price of $129.00. The sweatshirt is a lightly faded pink with red splotches of which appears to be blood. They also made Penn State, University of Texas, and Cathedral College vintage sweatshirts with no resemblance of blood.

In May 4th 1970, there was a about a thousand students protesting Vietnam War at Kent State university. The Ohio governor James Rhodes declared that the university shut down and also called and a state of emergency witch called in the National Gard. The Guardsmen tried to break up the protest by using tear gas. When the tear gas ran out, the guardsman backed off to a top of a hill, and opened fired. Ten were wounded, four were killed.

Urban outfitters claimed the sweatshirt to be “Out of style, not meant to harden feelings” and apologized. People did not take this apology well. “Congrats, Urban outfitters. You’ve crafted the most insincere apology AND the least believable explanation in the same statement.” Tweeted Ian Froeb.

There was only one of the sweats made, and it quickly sold, but then quickly was put on eBay for $550. The sweatshirt has been banned from eBay.

This is not Urban Outfitters first time seeing back lash to one of their clothing items. Last holiday season they have had to pull socks due to the religious insults. Also a shirt with the comparison of the holocaust and the Jewish Star. Many people say no publicity is bad publicity, but how far will society let that go?